i like to bake. cakes and pies and biscuits and bread. sometimes i make lemon curd and sticky jam and put it in pretty little jars. i sell it all at markets. and then i write about it here.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

i've been spending

This may turn out to be my most boring post to date. Here goes. Today I've been shopping for Secret Garden Party essentials. Mugs were my main aim for the day and having done my mug research I settled on Ikea as the cheapest mug around. So there it was that I headed to buy a load of them. As I arrived, the big Tesco next door drew me in and low and behold, there were mugs in abundance for a whole penny cheaper. Every Little Helps and all that. And - bonus - they looked nicer too. Straight up and down, nothing fancy about them, the kind of mug I like to drink my tea from.

I cleared them out of their stock of mugs and went on my way. Today's purchases also included napkins, tin foil and (the one I am most excited about), some big cookie jars that, once filled, will look ever so pretty on the stall.

Ok, most boring post ever, but for the sake of a very exciting event. I wrote mug 6 times in this post. 7 times. Here are some of the world's most boring photos to match....