i like to bake. cakes and pies and biscuits and bread. sometimes i make lemon curd and sticky jam and put it in pretty little jars. i sell it all at markets. and then i write about it here.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

hello february

Today is the first day of February. Today is the day that we can all rejoice in saying goodbye to the misery that is January for another 11 months. Today is also the day that I can once again indulge in a large glass of red wine. Not an alcoholic drop has passed my lips since New Year's Eve and I have to say I'm feeling pretty smug about that. Granted, it shouldn't have been difficult to abstain for just 31 days but giving up actually highlights those moments when only a G&T will do. On the odd occasion when I've found myself in a bar I've mostly sat nursing a hot drink while my friends indulge in their chosen tipple. So to commemorate my month on the wagon, here's a photo of one of my most memorable booze-free beverages - this delicious hot chocolate I treated myself to at Goldbrick House in Bristol. Don't be fooled into thinking that giving up alcohol cuts calories – clearly not so! Anyway, isn't red wine supposed to be good for you....?