i like to bake. cakes and pies and biscuits and bread. sometimes i make lemon curd and sticky jam and put it in pretty little jars. i sell it all at markets. and then i write about it here.

Monday, 21 March 2011

hello spring

Today is the first day of Spring. There is cherry blossom on the trees, you can leave the house without a coat, sit outside a cafe without wanting to hug a heater. It's not dark when you leave work, festival line-ups are announced and thoughts turn to holidays in the sun. There are snowdrops and lambs in the fields, and chocolate eggs on the supermarket shelves. 

I spent the eve of the March Equinox in London. My friends took me to Columbia Road flower market, where we browsed the most beautiful little shops and ate calamari and king prawns out of paper cups. We stopped for coffee and noted the intensity of the sun on our backs. Here are some of the best things that I saw.